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iSmart Shankar Full Movie Download

iSmart Shankar is an action film.  The movie is directed by Puri Jagannadh and Puri Jagannadh, Charmme Kaur has produced this film. The main lead roles are played by Ram Pothineni and Nidhhi Agerwal while the lead supporting cast includes Nabha Natesh, Satyadev Kancharana. The movie is released on 18 July 2019 whole India. iSmart Shankar is one of the biggest hit movie Ram’s career.

iSmart Shankar Movie review

The movie opens with iSmart Shankar (Ram Pothineni) getting away from prison to retaliate for his girlfriend Chandini (Nabha Natesh). However, he winds up with a chip in the head that replaces his recollections with that of a CBI specialist Arun (Satyadev Kancharana). Why you inquire? It just happens. Arun has a girlfriend Sandhya (Nidhhi Agerwal). She is a neuroscientist. She is researching on transferring memories of one living being to another. The leader of the CBI division has seen her introduction on memory transplant on a TV station. On the chance that she recovers Arun’s memory, the subtleties of the case that he was researching can be made sure about.

At the point when Arun’s supervisor asks a lamenting Sandhya to expel the recollections from the leader of her perished fund and introduce it in the leader of an awkward crook, she consents to do as such without a second thought. No opportunity to lament when national security is in danger. No, pause, scratch that. The country was not at any hazard. At that point for what reason would the Prime Minister’s Office be enthusiastic about the examination driven by Arun?

iSmart Shankar is another film that uncovered Puri Jagannadh’s failure to rehash himself as a producer essayist. Not simply his creative mind even his ethical quality has wound up in a real predicament. In a disgusting stretch, he trivializes assault for modest chuckles and the scene closes with the young lady experiencing passionate feelings for the man who attempted to disregard her.

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ISmart Shankar Title Song

ISmart Shankar Title Song  Lyrics In English

Patha hai main kaun hoon
Shankar ustaad Ismart Shankar

Gada bida laku befikar
Sadak sadak kadak pogar
iStyle dekho niche uppar
Ish Ish Ismartu
Naam bole tho galli hadal
Double dhimak undhi idhar
Karle apni neeche nazar
Ish Ish Ismartu
Hey hyderabad shahar mei
Pucho bey saale
Charminar chadharghat antha naadhe

Kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri kiri
Jesthe maki kirikire

Hahaha iSmart Shankar

Eh beer esukunta bindasugunta
Bam bhole shambo shiva
Nanu viketodu duniyala ledu
Yadunna naadhe hawaa

Edaina gani matter
Chai batthi pe settle
Tegaledhante agar
Sar pe phod dhun bottle

iSmile emo kirrak brother
Cut out emo garam figure
Akkad bakkad ek hi takkar
Ismart Shankar
Dhigindante khatham matter
Makkeliragadhise meter
Katak matak chattar battar
Ismart Shankar

Hahaha iSmart Shankar

Eyy bomma..Nuv hu ante
Golkonda repair chesi
Nee chethila pedtha
Ninnu begum ni chesi
Qila meedha kuso bedtha
Hahaha kya bolthi.. Ah

Chal bey saale
Nilantollani mastu chushna

Dil ne pathangila egareska poye
Khaddu kha kheer ladki
Naa kantla vadithe idisedhe ledhu
Pattestha uriki uriki

Bas hei ek nazar
Bajega dil ki bazar
De dunga banthi flower
Gunguru gunguru gal gal

Fida hua dekh ke shakal
Love jestha rathri pagal
Koni vedatha kilo nagal
Ismart Shankar
Nadum chusthe centimeter
Venakostha kilometer
Gift istha 7 seater
Ismart Shankar..

Hey Ismart..
Nuvvu thurum raa

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